I’m a Jersey girl–born and raised. I married my high school sweetheart over 25 years ago; together we raise our thriving family here in the beautiful Garden State. My roots are deep in Sussex County; I can’t imagine living my life anywhere else. The Northeastern region of the state is my area of expertise; Sussex, Morris, and Passaic counties are where you will often find me.  I have also been known to travel beyond that with clients who may be looking to purchase beyond my local area. What sets me apart from most is my direct approach, commitment to service, strong work ethic, and unwavering loyalty and integrity with my clients.

Before starting my family in the early 1990’s, I worked in the insurance industry. I enjoyed careers with both The Hartford and Prudential Insurance companies. From there, I worked as a Paralegal for a private law practice in Clifton, NJ. Soon thereafter, my husband and I began our family. From that point, it was my honor, privilege, and pleasure to be afforded the opportunity to stay at home with my beautiful children, five of them in all.

In 1997, six months after my third son was born, I was diagnosed with MS. This life changing event inspired me to educate myself in the power and effectiveness of natural medicine, which ultimately kept me free from chemical medications in treating and stopping the progression of the disease. It also caused me to become very headstrong and determined to get well and stay well. I eventually grew a small health/wellness business focusing on Essential Oils, where I mentor and teach others this methodology.

A few years later, when my second born son began school, he was placed in a learning disabled classroom, where he struggled with attention, sensory, and hyperactivity issues.  This unfortunate situation turned into an incredible opportunity! What began as a sixteen plus year “experiment” with home education turned into a lifestyle. My children thrived, and we loved our life of learning together. However, after a recent and devastating family tragedy, my youngest son was forced to continue his education in the public school system. My daughter will be graduating high school through our local college, and my oldest son graduated from Rutgers high honors. My second oldest son is thriving in his business career!

During my homeschooling years, I also continued with my own college education. I pursued my degree in English with a concentration in Education. I graduated from Sussex County Community College, and then continued toward my BA with Ashford University and Thomas Edison State College. My children and I studied together while my husband pursued his Law Enforcement career, in which he has now served over 20 years.

I am a fighter. Resolve and determination are my greatest attributes. I have taught my family to be committed, disciplined, and focused toward the achievement of their goals. I would be a hypocrite if I didn’t do the same. Without the challenges that I have faced, I am not sure if I would be as strong as I am, both in my personal and professional life.

I am passionate and diligent in my Real Estate career. My clients appreciate my direct approach, candor, and personal attention. I treat everyone–Buyer or Seller, with respect and genuine care. Most of my business is referral driven, because my clients know that I will take care of their friends and family as though they are my own. They know that I am a woman of my word, and that I truly have their best interests at heart.

I am very active in the listing and selling of homes; I work with first time home buyers, growing families, empty-nesters, retirees, investors, and more. I am honest with my Sellers regarding the market-value of their home. I work together closely with them toward the goal of accentuating their property’s positive qualities, and I create a custom marketing plan for the sale of their home.

My Buyers enjoy my “can do” attitude, and appreciate my aggressive, yet fair negotiation skills, which have proven time and time again to get them the best possible price for their purchase. With me and my outstanding Team at Realty Executives, I will take you from contract to closing with ease.